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How to Install Font on Mac and PC

Before installing your new font, you must unzip the file. Next, you can install the font in your system by following these steps:

On a PC: Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click “Install.”

On a Mac:

  • Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click “Install Font.”
  • Alternately, you can manually install fonts to bypass Fontbook: Copy (CMD + C) the file(s) either OTF or TTF format, then Paste (CMD + V) the files into this folder: HD > Library > Fonts

Important: Restart the program where you intend to use the font, and the fonts will show up in your font list when you open the program again.

Troubleshooting Install Errors 

First, make sure you have unzipped the product before installing. You won’t be able to install a .zip file as a font. Please also note that you need to install the font before using it! You cannot open the font file directly in a program like Microsoft Word- you’ll need to install it on your computer first.

“Errors” in Mac FontBook

Occasionally you may run into an error when you install a font using Mac FontBook. FontBook has a built-in validation tool that is run when fonts are installed, and this validation tool is very strict. The following factors may generate a “minor” or “serious” error:

  • A font’s ascenders or descenders go outside the bounds set when the font was programmed.
  • The font is installed from a location on a connected network, versus a location directly on your computer (e.g. your desktop).
  • The font has a lot of vector points (as many heavily distressed, highly detailed fonts do). Fonts like this take longer to render and are more resource-intensive, especially for computers with less memory.
  • The font is already installed in your system.

These errors do not mean that the font is harmful or contains malware. Typically, the errors may be safely ignored, and the font can be installed anyway. You may never notice any issues when you use the font. Here’s what you can do:

  • Install the font manually, bypassing FontBook: Copy either the OTF or TTF file to your HD > Library > Fonts folder
  • Install the font anyway, using Fontbook: Click “Install Checked”
  • Contact the Shop Owner with details of the install error. Usually this is an easy fix that can be done by the Shop Owner.

Credits : Creative Market

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